Yellowstone Grassfed Beef


A working cattle ranch, the J Bar L raises 100% grassfed and grass-finished beef, marketed as Yellowstone Grassfed Beef. Formed as a partnership between the J Bar L Ranch and Two Dot Land and Livestock (Harlowton, MT), Yellowstone Grassfed Beef (YGB) provides customers with delicious, humanely-raised, antibiotic-free, wildlife-friendly, grassfed and grass-finished beef. YGB supplies beef to stores, restaurants, and schools in the Bozeman and greater Montana area, as well selling direct to consumers at the Bozeman farmers’ market and nationwide through their online store.


Guests can taste the difference and support the good work of our rancher co-op by ordering Yellowstone Grassfed Beef through our guest manager. We’ll stock your vacation rental freezer prior to your arrival so you can enjoy delicious meals for the entirety of your stay. We admit to being biased, but the flavor is amazing, and you’ll know exactly where it came from.



If you want to learn more about our cattle and land management values you can do so by visiting the Yellowstone Grassfed Beef directly or visit our ranching and conservation press HERE