Grassfed Beef

Our Why

We are committed to caring for the land, our animals and our families by using regenerative ranching practices that support resilient, biodiverse landscapes and produce healthy, great-tasting all-natural grassfed beef. Our cattle are born and raised on the open Montana range, grazing on native mountain pastures throughout their entire lives while also coexisting among hundreds of wildlife species that also call the ranch home. We handle our cattle using low stress stockmanship techniques and manage them in ways that support increased biodiversity on the land, improved water and mineral cycling and climate positive change.

How to Order


We invite guests to try our beef during their stay. We will gladly stock your vacation rental freezer with our grassfed beef prior to your arrival so you can enjoy delicious meals for the entirety of your visit. We admit to being biased, but the flavor is amazing, and you’ll know exactly where it came from! Please reach out for pricing and cut availability!


We also sell our beef direct from the ranch in shares approximate to a half, quarter or eighth of an animal.


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Below is a video that was filmed at the ranch for our sister company Yellowstone Grassfed Beef!



If you want to learn more about our cattle and land management values you

can do so by visiting our ranching and conservation press HERE