Personal Wellness Retreats for Healing and Inner Exploration

Centennial Valley in Southwest Montana

There is something indescribable about the landscape in the Centennial Valley. It's vast, it's wild and it's likely the quietest place you have ever been. We have found it to be a truly transformative place--testing limits, inspiring awe, allowing connection, and offering respite to weary souls. It is the perfect setting to get away to focus on physical and emotional healing and growth while being rejuvenated by your surroundings.

Our personal wellness retreats are truly that--personal! These offerings are catered specifically with your unique desires and needs in mind. Reach out and share a bit about what you are looking for and we will help you craft your personal or small group wellness retreat. Our range of services include: personal and somatic coaching, bodywork, guided experiences on the landscape, equine-aided learning opportunities, and other hands-on practices and explorations. Fees for service vary depending on number of participants and length of sessions.

Come attune and listen to the life that awaits you here!

About Our Guides

Barb Holliday was born and raised in Montana, and lives and works on our Centennial Valley ranch from May–September. Barb has served as a guide and healing practitioner for various retreat groups and provided bodywork and somatic sessions to guests of the ranch since 2014. Barb is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Strozzi Institute Certified Somatic Coach and Bodyworker, and ICF coach (International Coaching Federation). Barb is skilled at assisting people in tuning into their innate guidance through their bodies, specifically in connection with the landscape. Barb also offers traditional massage therapy and provides a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial and Asian techniques. Guests interested in exploring the ‘felt sense of their inner knowing’ and increasing their somatic awareness are invited to contact Barb directly at [email protected] to discuss individualized services. 

 Personal Wellness Retreats in Southwest Montana


"Over the years, in various circumstances, I had the privilege of sharing valuable time with Barbara, as she offered me her impeccable skills and nurturing care, both in assessing my needs and in ministering to my body and mind, with sensitivity and clarity. Barbara bridges effortlessly the current scientific frameworks and deep intuitive feel. She studies within and without, finding her own ways of integrating the information she is accessing. All of this translates into touch that convincingly communicates my wholeness. Barbara not so much heals as reveals a quality of inherent completeness that is available in any and all states I encounter. I feel more whole when working with her, able to find ease within myself and my relationships, regardless of the circumstances I face—be they painful or pleasant. Barbara creates her unique alchemy, investigating herself, the creatures, and the elements of this planet, and allowing the collective wisdom to speak through her attention and her hands." --Ryushin Marchaj

"As she works with you, Barb is thinking and feeling her way toward connection, toward healing, toward change. She's always training, studying, refining, and building on, her gift, which enables her to draw on multiple modalities and schools. She's gentle and strong, compassionate and clear. But the gift itself? Attunement. Barb hears, observes, feels: muscles, bones, organs; fear, anger, sadness; energy, light, movement. And Barb is as attuned to life around us as she is to inner states. All put together, this makes Barb an exquisitely sensitive conduit for healing forces without and within. If something in your body/mind/life needs attention - Barb attends." --AC

“Working with Barbara was a transformative and lasting experience of mind, body and soul. She is simply brilliant.” --Zainab Salbi

"There's something about the light in this valley that cures the heart and soothes a feverish brow. It's honey-soaked glow spreads across the land and calms the senses. Alan and I enjoyed sipping smoky red wine on the deck and exchanging promises of hope and love for the future." --Robin

"When it's time to replenish the soul with love, compassion and kindness, travel here and all will be well." --Peter

"To an urban-weary couple from the Washington D.C. area, this mountain home and valley were sustenance to the spirit. Never before, in all our travels, have we had this rich an experience." --Jay & Linda

"For the past 6 years I have been battling the "Big C" trying so hard not to let it take away my spirit... My reserves were depleted but thanks to this wonderful respite and the kindness of the staff I am filled once again and ready to battle some more... A tangle of emotions leaves me grateful for having the opportunity to experience this amazing place." --Bonnie