The New Ranch


Part of our mission at the J Bar L is to share what we are learning while we live and work across this spectacular landscape. This retreat is an open house of sorts--an opportunity to witness how we navigate this wild landscape, discuss and ask questions, and expand all of our ideas about what a "ranch" looks like...specifically at the intersection of ranching and conservation. We are discovering daily what that means, but we are hopeful that at the end of the day, our ranch and our guest business can make this landscape (both the land itself and the animals) better for our having been here. Come join us as we share about the amazing things happening here in the Centennial Valley of Montana!


When: Summer 2020 (please call to be added to our interest list)

What: We have no interest in any claims of perfection on this journey--we are simply excited to share it with you! We are aiming to be as transparent as possible in regards to how we are learning, living and stewarding this place. You will spend time with a variety of our team members throughout the week as well as have time to simply enjoy being here!

Topics & Activities may include:

  • Visit a beaver dam and discussion on grazing and range management
  • Low-stress stockmanship demonstration
  • Hike to a wolf den and discussion predation and co-existance across the landscape
  • Share about the various conservation efforts happening in the Cetennial Valley

Who: All are welcome. Though our ranching efforts will be central to this experience it should be intriging to anyone interested the transforming nature of wild landscapes on people and vise versa.

Where: Guests will have shared accomodation at either our Smith House or one of our Brundage Cabins and will enjoy delicious meals prepared by one of our visiting chefs. Single rooms will be available as an upgrade.

How: We encourage you to fly into either Idaho Falls (2 hrs away) or Bozeman (3.5 hrs away). Transportaion is not included though we are happy to help coordinate carpooling amongst guests. Due to the nature of our roads all-wheel drive or 4x4 is highly recommended!


"I had only vaguely heard about the corridor land being critical for the vitality of the Yellowstone wildlife — it’s been magical for us to get a first-hand experience of the land itself. This is precious, awe-inspiring, and deeply humbling place. I also appreciate an opportunity to hear about the challenges ranchers face to maintain the balance in order to coexist with the wildlife and preserve the complex ecosystem." -- Monique Cho, 2018