Special Offers

Discount & Donation Package

J Bar L is offering a discount and donation package to members of any local, state, or national wildlife or environmental conservation group. Enjoy lodging in Montana's pristine Centennial Valley at a discounted rate, while you earn a cash donation for your non-profit conservation organization.


Conservation group members will receive a 10% discount on lodging for a three or more night stay between May – September and earn a 10% donation for their conservation group.

 The J Bar L is proud to offer facilities to host family gatherings/reunions, business seminars/meetings, retreats and photography or wildlife workshops. Please contact our guest manager for further details.


Located in Montana’s unspoiled and undeveloped Centennial Valley, the J Bar L Ranch is due west of Yellowstone National Park and near the Montana-Idaho border. The Centennial Valley is considered to be uniquely wild and is known for its sweeping grasslands, expansive wetlands and its dramatic backdrop of the Centennial and Gravelly Mountains. The valley contains critical migration routes for wildlife throughout the Northern Rockies. It supports grizzlies, wolves, elk, deer, and the other magnificent wildlife that draws millions of visitors to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem each year.

The J Bar L neighbors two of the most important areas within the Yellowstone Ecosystem — The Nature Conservancy’s Centennial Sandhills Preserve and the world-renown Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge. The RRLWF is often referred to as the most beautiful national wildlife refuge in the United States. In addition to the 241 species of birds that have been recorded at Red Rock Lakes, the valley contains the highest nest density in the West for trumpeter swans and lies along one of only two primary swan migration corridors. The Centennial Valley also hosts the densest population of peregrine falcons and ferruginous hawks in Montana, as well as a healthy population of bald eagles and osprey. Visitors to the J Bar L in late spring have witnessed the mating dance of native sage grouse, which is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

At the J Bar L, we are ranchers stewarding open landscapes and conserving Montana’s grasslands. We are proud to partner with conservation groups throughout the U.S. to combine resources, to share this special place with the current and next generation and to create a positive change in the world.

To book your trip to the J Bar L Ranch, contact the Guest Operations Manager at 406-596-0600 or [email protected]

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