Ranching & Conservation Press

The J Bar L is passitonate about sustainable ranching and conservation efforts and allowing the two to co-exist. Below are some press articles related to our ranching philosophies and our involvement in specific conservation efforts.

Holistic Management:Success Stories: The J Bar L Ranch

“When owner, New York philanthropist Peggy Dulany, bought the J Bar L Ranch in 2000, she had a vision for the property.  It was a grand vision that included sustaining ranching as an industry and way of life to nourish the body, mind and soul.”

NPR: In Montana Wilds, An Unlikely Alliance To Save The Sage Grouse

“Ulring is a sturdy 6-footer in boots and vest who participates in the Sage Grouse Initiative by grazing his cattle differently — in tighter groups. Wild bison used to graze that way here for protection, Ulring explains. "They always had the presence of predators, be it wolves, or grizzly bears or Indians. Tighter grazing allows other areas of grass more time to grow tall. And that's good for sage grouse. But to do it that way requires moving cattle around a lot more.”

Pacific Standard:A New Breed of Ranchers is Restoring the Landscape and Learning to Live with Predators

“This Montana cattle ranch is trying to ensure its operations benefit wildlife—and yes, that means wolves, too. Trumpeter swans and sandhill cranes are among the more than 260 bird species that inhabit the sweeping landscape, along with river otters, deer, elk, and, of course, loads of cattle. As grizzly and gray wolf populations have recovered in Yellowstone National Park (about 20 miles away), predators have been joining the ranks in increasing numbers, too.”

The Billings Gazette: Eco-Conscious Partnership Promotes Innovative Ranching Practices

“J Bar L manages its land to protect key wildlife habitat during breeding season. And through rotational grazing, there's less disturbance of sensitive areas and habitat in general. The most convincing evidence, however, can be observed in the health of its native species. According to Ulring, the Nature Conservancy and a third party consultant have been monitoring the area to “make sure we're doing what we hope we're doing.”

The New Yorker: Montana Ranch

“Spurred by growing concern over beef’s environmental impact and the long-term viability of their livelihood, a cohort of Montana ranchers is working to integrate ecological practices into livestock management.”


The J Bar L was also featured in the PBS series "EARTH A New WIld" which you can view HERE.