J Bar L Ranch - A Ranch Getaway in Montana's Pristine Wilderness

It is our pleasure to share with you excerpts of written notes of thanks taken from our guest log books in our cabins and houses, and from cards, letters and notes of graittude we receive from our guests.

"We will never forget our time at the ranch in the Centennial Valley. Our two families spent six days at the Smith House with four young kids. We hiked, fished, relaxed, played, and rode the ranch horses. The ranch family was amazing and generous with their thoughts and time. If you are considering a trip to the ranch, I promise you, you will not regret your decision to visit."  Jessica J. and family

"Great place that reminds you of how much nature means to humans..."  Cecilia

" The cabin was in perfect condition."  Jim M.

"The Twin Bridges Fishing cabin is a hidden gem. It is the perfect spot in Montana for rest and relaxation.. combined with the great outdoors. Everything we needed was there! The cabin and the grounds are kept meticuloulsly clean which makes this gem a destination for another visit. The wild life was all around us, not to mention the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Heaven on Earth!"  Susanne and Tim  (MI)