J Bar L Ranch - A Ranch Getaway in Montana's Pristine Wilderness

"Once in a while you stumble across something special. The Brundage Cabins, however, are extraordinary... If you want to get away from urban life and experience one of America's last remaining untouched ecosystems, this property should definitely be on your radar." -- David Lennard, Brundage 2018

The Anderson House, the Refuge and the Centinnial Valley are truly among the most special places one can possibly visit." "Some days we went for long hikes on the Refuge, others we didn’t leave the porch. The mountains, wide-open skies, wildlife and star-gazing were superb!" -- Shane Mills, Anderson 2018

“Anderson House at J Bar L Ranch is unique among all the special places in this world. I thought I was getting a fantastic frontier and wilderness adventure, coming from a city. It is far more than that. Centennial valley, as experienced from Anderson, is a place of refuge and spiritual healing. Quiet, majestic splendor surrounds you and takes you to a world long forgotten, a way of life that you did not even know was so desperately missed in this daily grind. It is a place of awakening and nurture. It has been a deeply humbling experience, to once again realize the necessity and beauty of balance in life. In addition to the inspirational vistas, the hikes are extraordinary, as are boundless wildlife. Every hike was gifted by close encounters by pronghorn antelopes, deers, and many birds of prey - in particular red-tailed hawks. The Montana sky was actually the most dramatic and impressive of all experiences -- such enormous display of power that was constantly shifting. I particularly treasured learning about the conservation and land management issues regarding the critical role of the Centennial Valley for maintaining the vitality of the amazing wildlife of Greater Yellowstone. Lauren took us to the Wednesday evening talk at the Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge. Such gathering of interesting people and knowledge! I left the Valley a better person, more wholesome and deeply appreciative of life. There are not too many places in the world that can do that. Thank you, Lauren, Andrew, Barb, and others at J Bar L for an unforgettable week.” -- Monique Cho, Anderson 2018

"What an absolute delight of a stay. Sitting on the porch watching the bluebirds and hawks flying and dancing around us. The curious ground squirrels racing through the long green grass. Warming our toes at the fireplace while playing card games. Getting wet and muddy feet exploring the farm and finding bald eagle feathers. So quiet and open and free. The perfect place to be. We will always remember this quant piece of paradise." -- Wheeldon Family, Smith 2018

"The entire experience was absolutely phenomenal... I wasn't sure what to buy in terms of groceries or supplies, but was amazed at how well stocked ALL the household/pantry supplies were. It felt like walking into someone's well established home. Everything was spotless and top quality... Really and truly, there isn't enough I can say to sum up how fantastic my time was" -- Ali Haynes, Fishing Cabin 2018

"Great place that reminds you of how much nature means to humans...-- Cecilia

"We will never forget our time at the ranch in the Centennial Valley. Our two families spent six days at the Smith House with four young kids. We hiked, fished, relaxed, played, and rode the ranch horses. The ranch family was amazing and generous with their thoughts and time. If you are considering a trip to the ranch, I promise you, you will not regret your decision to visit." -- Jessica J. and family