Ranch to Table

Part of our mission at the J Bar L is to share what we are learning while we live and work across this spectacular landscape. This is an open house of sorts--an opportunity to witness how we navigate this wild landscape, discuss and ask questions, expand our ideas about what a "ranch" looks like, and connect the circle between the cow, the land, and the food on our plates! Come join us as we share about the amazing things happening at J Bar L Ranch, and taste our grassfed beef from the wild rockies!

When: Fall 2021 (please call to be added to our interest list)

What: We have no interest in any claims of perfection on this journey--we are simply excited to share it with you! We are aiming to be as transparent as possible in regards to how we are learning, living and stewarding this place. You will spend time with touring our ranch with our managers, Andrew & Hilary. Topics may include: regenerative agriculture and the importance of managing land and animals to promote soil health and innact climate-positive changes; the importance of low-stress stockmanship and how it affects animal welfare all the way to the flavor of the food on your plate; co-existence on the landscape, especially amongst predators; the health benefits of grassfed beef and how you can make an impact on MT landscapes with your spending power as a consumer.

Who: All are welcome, including children for this fun day of learning on the ranch

Where: Our ranch headquarters in Melville, MT

Cost: TBD

How: We will provide driving directions to the ranch. Each party will use their own car for the tour portion in order to maintain social distancing with others. We will hold as much of th event outside as we can and encourage mask use! The ranch is located approximately 1.5 hrs from Bozeman.