Body Work & Massage by Appointment

Whether weary from a day of hiking or simply wanting to deepen your relaxation and inner reflection, body work can richly add to your experience while at the J Bar L! Barb Holliday is a licensed massage therapist offering sessions for J Bar L Ranch guests during our summer season. She has worked throughout Montana as well as with private clients in New York. Her skills working with the body incorporate a variety of techniques including Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish, and Thai table massage for those seeking a treatment including more stretching. Barb is happy to craft a custom body work session based on your needs and availability during your stay. 

Please contact Barb via email at [email protected] to schedule your private session. Sessions start at $150 for 1 ½ hours and fee is $150 and are payable via cash or check at the time of service. Barb’s home and studio is located in the first bunkhouse Southwest of Stibal Barn.


"I have been the grateful recipient of Barb’s massages for several years now. I have always trusted her hands to know what my body needs and she has never failed me. In fact, she has always left me feeling better than when I arrived in ways that are difficult to describe but have to do with a sense well-being. I have wanted to do her somatic work for awhile and I hope to one day be able to do that work with her, but in the meantime I can’t get past her massage techniques which are some of the most intuitive and healing that I have found." --S.A.M.

"Barb is all about presencing (presence + sensing), word I learned from Arawana Hayashi (Presencing Institute - Theory U). I am a French speaking Belgian living in Europe. Every time I have the chance to get a session with Barb in NY or in Montana, I grab it! When I arrive in her nest, I don’t speak about what I want or what is happening for me. Barb and I, we just connect... soul to soul. Then I lay down on her massage table knowing I will receive what I truly need. When Barb starts working, her true Art comes along. She just knows what to do and where to go. A deep inner knowledge flows through her fingers into my body touching something much deeper. She heals the soul. I wish she lived next door to have weekly sessions with her." --Valerie J.