Horseback Riding Opportunities

Horses have been an integral part of the western way of life for many generations. Not only do horses serve as loyal companions in our daily ranch work gathering cattle, but they also provide us the opportunity to experience the Centennial Valley from a new perspective. Riding through the sage or crossing a river and climbing to the top of the Continental Divide allows us to experience what those who first settled in this beautiful place might have seen. Please reach out to our Guest Manager if you are interested in experiencing the landscape from "between the ears"! We will be glad to connect you with local riding opportunities. 


We do not offer horseback hunting trips ourselves, but you may reach out to our neighbor Centennial Outfitters regarding more information about their various guided hunts!

Interacting with our Horses

You are always welcome to enjoy the J Bar L remuda at our headquarters from a distance--taking pictures and petting through the fence. Please let us know if you are interested in more information or a closer experience and we will try to assist!