Buy Our Beef


1/2 share - $1255-1640
between 162-211 lbs.
(local pickup only)

1/4 share - $751-767
approx. 97-99 lbs.
(will be available online soon!)

1/8 share - $350
approx. 45 lbs.

Pricing: We sell our grassfed beef for $7.75/lb. which includes the cost of the animal, processing, and packaging. The prices reflected below are average weights (and shipping costs). You will be charged for this amount, but we will refund the difference once we get a final weight for your share! 

Availability: We currently have all three sizes available. 


  • Decide what size share best suits your family & freezer space. Review the cuts per share at the bottom of this page.
  • If you need your beef SHIPPED, place your order below! We will be posting 1/4s for shipping soon. In the meantime, please email [email protected]. 1/2 shares are available for local pickup only. Pricing is based on the approximate weights above erring on the side of more than the amount written (i.e. the 45 lb box will be 45+ lbs)
  • If you are LOCAL, please email [email protected] with the size of share you are interested in and we will invoice you based on the exact final weight. We will follow up to coordinate a pickup time at our Bozeman freezer. 
  • If you would like to add soup or dog bones to your order please email us to check availability.
  • Share the taste of the wild rockies at your table! 


Local Pickup:

We are currently offering periodic pickup at our Bozeman freezer space. We will be scheduling these monthly—please reach out to find out when our next date is. If for some reason the date does not work for you, we may be able to arrange a special pickup depending on employee availability. Please plan sufficient cold storage for transport home back to your home!


We ship on Mondays to ensure that UPS will have sufficient time to get your order to you. Orders placed after noon MST on Sunday may not ship until the following week.

At present the customer is responsible for the entire shipping cost. Though we are happy to get a quote anywhere within the US our most economical zones are places that we can ship within 2 days via ground delivery. These areas include MT, UT, WY, WA, OR, ND and parts of ID, CO, NV and SD. All other locations require us to ship via 2 day air which is more expensive. Thank you for your patience as we explore other shipping options!


Regenerative Grassfed Beef from Montana