Conservation Partners

The J Bar L Ranch is passionate about conservation and ensuring the land and animals are protected and encouraged to thrive as a result us being here. We achieve this through our holistic ranching practices as well as our strategic partnerships with ranching and conservation groups. Some of our partner groups focus on finding sustainable ways for ranching and local wildlife to coexist, while others focus on resource and species-specific research, habitat restoration and educational programs relating to specific conservation efforts in the Centennial Valley and the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. You can read more about our sustainable ranching and conservation efforts on our ranching and conservation press page HERE

A few of our ranching and conservation partners include:

  • The Nature Conservancy of Montana--We have a long-standing relationship with TNC and partner together in a number of ways--through utilizing grazing allotments, facilitating research and hosting retreats. You can read more about our specific partnership here as well as learn about their High Divide Headwaters project here in the Centennial Valley.

  • The Centennial Valley Association--The CVA is our local non-profit the in the valley. It has been an intengral part of connecting the community of the Centennial Valley for many years. Through their weed management and range rider programs they work to minimize invasive species, track predator activity and keep lines of communication open between neighbors.

  • Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge--Not only is the refuge an excellent place to explore for a day, but they provide important grazing permits for our cattle. Together, we help manage the land for optimum restoration through short-term, rotational grazing. Check out this beautiful video about their Arctic Grayling conservation efforts here in the Centennial HERE!

  • Montana Audubon--We have partnered with MT Audubon to host birding retreats as a way of furthering their efforts to conserve and enjoy the winged wildlife of the Centennial Valley.

  • Western Sustainability Exchange--Our sister company, Yellowstone Grassfed Beef, is a sponsor of WSE, supporting their many programs aiming to support sustainable ranching and the co-existance of ranchers and wildlife.